Fabulous Stopovers … or short breaks in their own right – Dubai & Singaporean Delights!

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Travelling in true Travel Agent style – what you do in 3 weeks, I did in 1! But what a fabulous trip to Singapore and Dubai. Let me tell you about it – The Experience started as we boarded the A380 at Heathrow - spacious seats, and hundreds of entertainment channels to choose from, even complimentary wifi and [...]

Bali Hai! An Island of Enchantment and Romance?

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I thought Bali was just a pretty place – fringed with beaches, palm trees and lots of privacy – a place for weddings and honeymoons – and lazing around, relaxing, and taking pictures of sunsets. Was I wrong! Yes Bali has all these, but so much more besides. An island of temples – every 100 yards or so [...]

The Sultanate of Brunei

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It’s a little bit of Islamic Middle East nestled in the heart of Malaysia. Brunei means “a place of peace” Under the Sultan’s rule, the people enjoy a good living – no poverty or unemployment. The country is safe, clean and pollution free. The rain forest and river are well preserved, and there is a large park with [...]

Kerala – a cultural paradise! (video clip)

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Visiting Kerala in South India is like visiting an India of order and calm, quite unlike the noisy confusion of Bombay and Delhi! Swaying palm trees, wide, white expansive beaches – without traders or high rise hotels – Kerala is a lush landscape of tea plantations, coconut palms and spices. In fact, Kerala’s importance stems from the growing [...]

Malaysian Memories

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Malaysia drips in a culture and atmosphere unique to itself. It has beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches and friendly faces. A ‘cocktail’ of faiths, mainly Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus – Malaysia is culturally diverse but everyone seems to live in harmony! I flew with Qatar Airways, and it was a pleasant and comfortable journey arriving in Penang in [...]

A Malaysian Interlude

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With only 10 days to spare, we headed off East in search of the orangutans of Borneo! Few places on Earth can be compared to the rugged natural beauty of Sabah ‘the land under the wind’, home of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak of South East Asia. Our destination was Sepilok, an orangutan rehabilitation centre that ensures these [...]

Malaysia – a trip to fill up your senses

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Air Malaysia has the best seat pitch in economy from London to Kuala Lumpur ~ a full 34 inches to BA’s 31! So my 13-hour journey was as comfortable as could be! Kuala Lumpur is a clean and modern city and easy to get around by foot or by taxi or by the excellent monorail train. Its most [...]

Mingalabar Myanmar! (video clip)

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It had been on my wish list for years, and when Burma opened up ever so slightly to tourists……I was checking visa requirements, brochures and guide books, before you could say Mingalabar Myanmar! (That’s Hello Burma in Burmese!) Burma, as it was, Myanmar, as it is now, has been closed for decades, under military rule. However politics have [...]