Dunedin and New Zealand’s East Coast

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It’s often missed for the more famous West Coast or the route through the middle of South Island via the lakes, Wanaka and Tekapo – but the East Coast has a few treasures to share, especially if you are visiting New Zealand for the second or third time. Dunedin is full of life! Young students [...]

New Zealand: Following the Fellowship

By |2018-05-15T11:35:55+00:00June 12th, 2013|New Zealand|

  Sitting on the doorstep of Bag End and looking out over the Shire, I remembered my English teacher who first introduced me to the endearing Hobbits and the spell of The Ring. On my last visit to New Zealand, I followed the Fellowship to Rivendell, huddled under the tree roots in fear of the Ring Wraiths and [...]

Just a Few Days in North Island? (video clip)

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A lot of people will book a month away in Australia and due to the flight route, they may have to go via New Zealand, and they often just want a “taster”, and stop for a few days. While my philosophy is to give New Zealand a proper visit – and enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture – [...]

Just a Few Days in South Island?

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If you like a bit of ‘me time’ – a chance to enjoy your own company, reflect, contemplate, then follow me to the northern-most tip of South Island New Zealand! I spent a melancholic time visiting Christchurch, but pleased to see the city’s plans for rebuilding since its devastating earthquakes of 2010/11. Headed off to Akaroa in search [...]

Kiwi magic from the bottom of the world

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It's on the other side of the world,  but you'd think you'd never left home looking at the clematis, daffodils and a whole host of other flowers found in English country gardens. The people speak English and the towns vaguely remind you of home with names like Christchurch, Hastings and Blenheim. On the other hand the contrast of [...]

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