Norway’s Fjords and Mountains

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But when the start is the sight of the most beautiful RMS Queen Mary 2 transatlantic ocean liner in dock at Southampton – beckoning and welcoming you to board and sail away with her to the fjords and mountains of Norway – the excitement is just unbearable! So come on, let’s go! Our first couple [...]

Let’s Explore Parga!

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My intention was to relax, look at the views and sit by the pool! But … my excitement grew as I approached the very pretty town of Parga, up the mountainous road hugging the coast. The route was filled with colourful flowers, and as we reached the top, my anticipation rose too! Parga is a quaint Greek harbour town which [...]

Lucerne, the atmospheric city in Central Switzerland

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Lucerne is perfect if you just have a couple of days to spare. The journey is so easy - a short flight to Zurich, down the escalator to the train station and you are on your way to picturesque Lake Lucerne. The station’s arched front is impressive when you arrive and it has a shopping [...]

Let’s Cruise The Med – in Queen Victoria Style!

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Apart from the many lovely ports to explore and enjoy on a Mediterranean cruise, Cunard's Queen Victoria makes it fun to stay on board too! I think our 'blog' of pictures tells the whole story! And if we've inspired you to take to the Mediterranean Sea - then please, give us a call and prepare [...]

The Blue Danube

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From the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania, the Danube flows and meanders “sparkling blue”, through fabulous European cities and countryside – farms, vineyards, and little villages. The Danube took me from Budapest in Hungary, to Nuremberg in Germany, and through other countries on the way, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, [...]

Mamma Mia! Here I go again!

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Island Hopping in the Greek Islands! Sounds so exciting and I was off to “hop” to three of the twenty four unspoilt islands of Alonissos, Skopelos and Skiathos which make up the Sporades Archipelago. It was an easy journey from Gatwick to Skiathos with Enter Air. All very smooth and the staff were extremely friendly [...]

“I’m a Travel Agent” – Get me 12 Hours Off the Conveyor Belt of Life!

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I entered a competition, without any hope of winning, and then I forgot all about it … until… I read the morning’s emails – and the words ‘I’ve won!’ echoed across the office concluding in a cascade of emotions of excitement and bewilderment at the prospect of 12 hours in Venice! An orchestra of alarms [...]

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