Kia Ora! Welkom! Bienvenue! Bonjour!
G’day! Shalom! Namaste! Aloha! Ola!
Jambo! Guten Tag! Hi!
…and Hello!

Our agency is located in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England. As well as the usual holiday market, we specialise in a more discerning type of traveller to destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, North America, the Caribbean, the Far East and South Africa.

In the past 30 years we have built a reputation for being a specialist travel agent. In 1991 we were voted Best Travel Agent in the UK for Canada, and have been one of the top five every year since. Our clients expect and receive a high level of service and knowledge of the destinations and countries we sell. We are also nominated specialists in Bermuda, the Caribbean, Australia and South Africa by the tourist boards that set our standards.

We have developed recognition from the wholesalers in our industry, and our rewards have been their support to us with training opportunities and special offers. We are constantly advised of news in our specialist destinations.

Our usual hours of business are: 0900 to 1730 Mondays to Fridays, but our late night is Tuesday 0900 to 1900; and 0930 to 1730 on Saturdays. We are not open on Bank Holidays…..but you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our telephone lines: +44 1342 312305 or by email to – we are available to help throughout your trip.

In 1997 we won another award–this time for Best Leisure Travel Promotion. Our presentations of the countries in which we specialise have become renowned as we make the “work” of arranging complicated itineraries a great deal of fun and enjoyment–so the holiday starts with us, in the planning stage!

1999 brought us the Bermuda Award for Excellence, Finalist in the Agency Achievement Awards, and an award from the Australia Tourist Commission for our innovative letter to follow up the sales leads they recommend to us. Three awards in one year!

In the year we celebrated 20 years in business we had a party, which was attended by more than 200 clients – a tribute to the respect that we have earned over the years. We took 15 clients for lunch on the Belmond British Pullman – 15 people who had a booking in our first year, and also had a booking in our 20th!

We celebrated our 25th year with a party – and all our guests had to wear something they’d bought on holiday … the shirts, hats, cowboy boots, straw skirts, all sorts – what fun we had guessing the ‘where’!

We continue our mission to focus on our specialist destinations and develop our expertise and service to our customers.

….and most of all we have FUN! Here we are enjoying a hot Summer Sunday at Raystede.

Come and meet us all!