Sailing America’s Great Lakes…..

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Sailing America’s Great Lakes….. Begin this grand exploration of North America’s Great Lakes by flying into Toronto Nearly 15,000 years ago, the last of the great glaciers retreated, leaving us the five Great Lakes–Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Together, they contain more than one fifth of the planet’s fresh surface water. On the M/V [...]

Beachcomber’s Indian Ocean World

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Weddings & Honeymoons - Mauritius  Beachcomber owns eight hotels in Mauritius and we guarantee only one wedding a day at each one. All our hotels have a dedicated wedding planner, who will meet with you on arrival at your resort and handle all your personal requests. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach setting or a lively atmosphere [...]

Regent Seven Seas

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THE MOST INCLUSIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCE™ Wake up to a new horizon every day on the world's most inclusive luxurious fleet. Our four-ship fleet visits more than 425 destinations around the world, an ideal way to experience the history and culture of the world's most magnificent destinations, combining extravagant accommodation with scrumptious cuisine. Our ships create the perfect atmosphere at any [...]

Air Transat to Canada …

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I enjoyed a great visit at Gatwick to see an Air Transat A330-300 aircraft just before it was due to leave for Vancouver. The aircraft was modern and the cabins looked very sleek with its new mood lighting. Air Transat offer reasonably priced flights to Canada and have recently refurbished all its aircraft cabins. Choose [...]

India Inspirations …

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The Golden Triangle Highlights: Delhi – Agra – Jaipur We welcome you to Incredible India, where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthrals and diversity delights. Extremely popular with first time visitors, this introductory tour, The Golden Triangle of India (Delhi-Jaipur-Agra) has made a firm footing on the tourist map. The harmonious amalgamation of the country’s [...]

Coco de Mer or Coco Chanel ….? The Seychelles and Dubai – heady delights! By Gabriele Scholes

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I left the UK in great anticipation, this was my first experience with Emirates Airlines and so convenient too as they fly from Gatwick. A quick transit in Dubai and we were on our way to Mahe – the Indian Ocean and the Seychelles! I was to visit Praslin, with Air Seychelles, just a 15min flight [...]

River Cruising – how to choose

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So, you’ve decided to try a river cruise …… you’ve decided where and which river…. now to decide with whom?! Let us help! Scenic – this is a 5-star luxury experience, with everything included from premium branded drinks, formal dining and a private butler! Scenic will take you exploring the rivers of Europe in state of the art luxury! Avalon [...]

What’s the Food Like?

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There’s a question we get asked all the time! Are you a ‘Foodie’ or a Food Tourist? It’s an important part of your holiday – nearly 25% of your overall holiday budget – so let’s give it some priority and some time in your itinerary What do I see, all the time, on Facebook? Pictures of peoples dinner/dessert/breakfast – it’s [...]

Architectural Wonders of the World

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Human beings have to change their landscape - they build, design and create magnificent lakes, huge bridges and glorious monuments to Gods. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Empire State Building, man-made constructions have been inspiring wonder and awe for millennia Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma (Myanmar) Burma's most sacred site is a 2,500 year old shrine - guarding strands of [...]

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