Coco de Mer or Coco Chanel ….? The Seychelles and Dubai – heady delights! By Gabriele Scholes

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I left the UK in great anticipation, this was my first experience with Emirates Airlines and so convenient too as they fly from Gatwick. A quick transit in Dubai and we were on our way to Mahe – the Indian Ocean and the Seychelles! I was to visit Praslin, with Air Seychelles, just a 15min flight [...]

Sri Lanka & The Maldives (video clip)

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2 Centres to double your pleasure – some cultural touring and then the ultimate chillax! Sri Lanka & The Maldives are a marriage made in heaven! by Gill Lindley After a very comfortable flight with Sri Lankan Air from Heathrow I landed in Colombo. From the air the view is very lush and green and the warm air [...]

My Escape to the Seychelles

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I arrived at Gatwick North Terminal feeling nervous, I was off on my first work trip to check out – The Seychelles! This was my first time travelling far away and I was amazed at the size of the Emirates aircraft. Even in economy the seats were spacious and I had my own video entertainment. Then lunch! My [...]

Cast adrift… Paradise

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It is quite unlikely that you will see anything as beautiful anywhere else in the world than the Maldives. We reached our island by floatplane after an overnight flight from Gatwick with Emirates. The sea was like blotting paper – and the islands like spots of ink – the hues of the ocean and coral [...]

Going back to the Seychelles? (video clip)

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I arrived at Mahe without any jet lag and I was greeted by the tropical island’s wonderful warmth and sunshine. My luggage was quick and so I had time to buy some local duty frees. Then straight to a small domestic aircraft and a 15 minute flight with breathtaking views of the turquoise sea dotted with sand [...]

Affordable Mauritius

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Stop dreaming about visiting paradise! Now Mauritius need not be just for exclusive holidays and expensive weddings and honeymoons. With our unique connections we can make your dream come true. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius will enchant you, uplift your soul and make you feel amongst the chosen [...]

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