Thailand’s Islands

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Thailand’s Islands Thailand’s Islands are very different, some are good for families, others for seclusion and romance – the weather is quite different from one island to another too. There the differences end! All the Islands are beautiful – with beautiful sunsets and sweeping, sandy beaches fringed with swaying palm trees. Just like the picture [...]

Health and Wealth in Cambodia

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Is it time for some ‘me time’? Are you in need of pampering, slowing down or switching off altogether? There is a whole new definition of luxury holidays in travel –  for the destination primarily, but more about lifestyle holidays that offer rest, relaxation and recharge! There are lots to choose from too, all over [...]

Our Borneo Adventure – by Jonathan, Ruth, and Jaqui Elliott

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We have just returned from a magical adventure in Borneo, which started with BA upgrading us to First Class - WOW - how the other half lives! We flew to Kuala Lumpur to acclimatise for a couple of days.  This has changed beyond our recollection of 20+ years ago. After a couple of nights we boarded a flight to Sandakan [...]

India Inspirations …

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The Golden Triangle Highlights: Delhi – Agra – Jaipur We welcome you to Incredible India, where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthrals and diversity delights. Extremely popular with first time visitors, this introductory tour, The Golden Triangle of India (Delhi-Jaipur-Agra) has made a firm footing on the tourist map. The harmonious amalgamation of the country’s [...]

Spiritual India

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No matter how many times I visit India, I never fail to be mesmerised by the culture, customs and the way of life – everything looks so disorganised … noisy, colourful, yet quiet and beautiful. From this subcontinent of 1.34 billion people rise golden temples and mosques of white marble. I am still reeling from the culture shock [...]

Japan – a country for all seasons

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Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota, Suzuki – think of these and you’ll think of Japan! But think again… of mountainous landscapes, cherry blossoms, geisha and bullet trains – Japan means all of these and lots lots more. It’s a place like no other, so many things are so different and every day brings something new to experience. So be prepared! [...]

Japan – Zipangu – The Land of Gold

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Japan’s island archipelago stretch north to south along the edge of Asia. Marco Polo called it “Zipangu- the Land of Gold”. Modern day Japan may not be a land of gold, but is a country of great culture, beautiful natural attractions, colours of the four seasons, and  polite and welcoming Japanese people. Japan has recovered from the natural disasters [...]

Fabulous Stopovers … or short breaks in their own right – Dubai & Singaporean Delights!

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Travelling in true Travel Agent style – what you do in 3 weeks, I did in 1! But what a fabulous trip to Singapore and Dubai. Let me tell you about it – The Experience started as we boarded the A380 at Heathrow - spacious seats, and hundreds of entertainment channels to choose from, even complimentary wifi and [...]

Bali Hai! An Island of Enchantment and Romance?

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I thought Bali was just a pretty place – fringed with beaches, palm trees and lots of privacy – a place for weddings and honeymoons – and lazing around, relaxing, and taking pictures of sunsets. Was I wrong! Yes Bali has all these, but so much more besides. An island of temples – every 100 yards or so [...]