The Rocky Mountaineer in British Columbia – Vancouver to Whistler

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There are a number of ways to make your journey up to Whistler, but one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways is to take the famous Rocky Mountaineer. On my recent trip to Canada I had the chance of travelling to Whistler from Vancouver. I enjoyed the calm organised luxury of the Gold Leaf service. Over a [...]

The Train through the Canadian Rockies

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The Rocky Mountaineer is the most famous icon of Canada. It breathes magic and romance as soon as you arrive at the station and step onto the train. It’s a 2 day journey from Vancouver to Banff. From the big picture window you enjoy the views of British Columbia, the Fraser Valley, the Fraser Canyon and Hell’s Gate. [...]

The Indian Pacific…Australia (video clip)

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It was on ‘my list’ and the ATE Conference in Adelaide gave me the exact opportunity I’d been waiting for. I flew to Perth, my favourite city, I could almost call home, and I boarded the Indian Pacific in excited anticipation of the journey ahead. We left Perth in the late afternoon, and soon after dinner we reached [...]

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