Extraordinary Papua New Guinea

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Extraordinary Papua New Guinea Are you looking for somewhere really different? Just as a destination in its own right, or as part of your visit to Australia – Papua New Guinea, will give you a wonderful alternative to the usual stops to Hong Kong and Bangkok In the words of Monty Python “and now for something completely different”! Extraordinary Papua [...]

A Holiday for All Seasons and All Types

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We don't always have the same type of holiday, every holiday. Our preferences can change, depending on our circumstances, occasions or what we need at the time. Here are some of the holiday choices we have and our recommendations for destinations and accommodation. Which one will suit you for your next holiday? Go Beyond Unfamiliar places, new cultures and authentic [...]

What’s the weather like?

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......what’s the weather like? When is the rainy season? These are the questions we get asked most often! But please, don’t let the weather deter you from travelling or limiting your choices! Rain is vital to many tropical paradises and can be as wondrous a sight as a clear blue sky and a big round yellow sun! Watching a tropical [...]