Undiscovered Jewels of Italy

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I have just returned from a Page & Moy escorted tour to Italy. After a short flight from Gatwick with British Airways to Bologna we were met by a Tour Manager to start our tour of the Le Marche and Tuscany regions of Italy. We stayed two nights in the renaissance town of Urbino and whilst here we took in a walking tour with a local guide and a highlight today was the magnificent Palazzo Ducale (palace).  We also visited the walled town of Gradara which is very pretty and has an impressive 14th century castle. Just along the coast is the sea side resort of Pesaro where we had lunch on the promenade before the journey back to Urbino.

Across the regional border in Umbria is the ancient town of Gubbio.  It is built in the slopes of Mount Ingino, and its quaint cobbled streets are a joy to walk around taking in the atmosphere. In the afternoon we went to San Sepolcro, the birth place of the great renaissance artist, Piero della Francesca and had time to wander a little around this medieval Tuscan town. We spent the next two nights in the Borgo Palace Hotel, renowned for it’s regional and national cuisine. The bread, pasta and deserts are all “fatti in Casa!” (homemade)

tuttle venice 3 2011

Another 16th century town in this area is Citta di Castello built along the Tiber valley and where Mussolini’s house was built. Then there is Monterchi, a pretty town surrounded by orchards and vineyards and home to the famous fresco, the Madonna Del Parto.

The church of San Francesco in Arezzo is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.

Apart from all the lovely architecture and history Arezzo is famous for designer jewellery. Another town Siena, is renowned for it’s distinctive black and white gothic buildings,  beautiful cathedral and busy bustling town square Piazza del Campo which is famous for the riotous Palio horse race which takes place twice a year.

Imagine stunning country-side fields of sun flowers, vineyards, green trees and rolling hills, that’s the typical backdrop of this beautiful undiscovered jewel of Italy.

Our return flight was from Pisa and we couldn’t leave without seeing it’s famous treasure the Leaning Tower, of course the Field of Miracles, with the Duomo the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery are all unforgettable memories too! It was just a short tour but under Page & Moys expert care I felt I’d seen some ‘real’ Italy, all in a nutshell! Easy journeys from Gatwick, splendid hotels, and wonderful sightseeing. It won’t stay undiscovered for long.

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