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Tunisia – the Jewel of the Mediterranean

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Tunisia is on the coast of North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, with winter temperatures around 16º, and summer’s in the 30ºs, making it ideal for holidays year round.

In my short time here, I was able to visit some popular resorts and decide for myself what is Tunisia’s attraction.

The foremost is Carthage, a short train ride from Tunis. Carthage is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It dates back to 150 BC, and today is famous for Roman ruins, amphitheatres, temples, baths and mosaics.

I visited Sidi Bou Said, which is a quirky, beautiful hillside village. All the buildings must be whitewashed and blue - no other colours are permitted – making it quite pretty and unique.

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But I loved the resort of Port El Kantaoui. It’s a lovely purpose built port with fine sandy beaches and narrow cobbled streets that bring you to the Marina. And there are lots of good restaurants with lovely views to enjoy after your stroll at sunset.

Another resort, Skanes, has more beautiful sandy beaches. This is a good place to relax, and try a few water sports. The nearest town is Monastir only 10 minutes away, and full of history and culture. There is a centuries-old fortress which is featured in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” and the glittering gold dome of the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba.

Hammamet is filled with local character, and is a thriving fishing village and tourist friendly resort. Its colourful medina dates back 500 years. Twenty minutes away is Hammamet Yasmine, chic and modern, with a palm-lined promenade leading to a marina with boats and yachts and lots of places to sit eat, drink, and wile the time away. The theme park here, “Carthageland” made this my favourite resort!

Tunisia is an ideal destination for a short break, or even a longer stay - suitable for singles, couples and families. Something to keep everyone happy – sightseeing, beaches, watersports, golf, horse-riding. If that’s not enough, what about a two-day Desert Safari to see the Berber villages and an overnight stay in the stunning Sahara Desert?

I’d love to tell you lots more about my visit to Tunisia; so call or email me:

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