Tobago, an idyllic Caribbean destination

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Imagine yourself on a tropical Caribbean island: white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, glorious sunshine and a warm breeze effortlessly blowing through the palm trees. All this and more awaited me when I was lucky enough to visit Tobago in May.

I was thrilled to say "Yes!" when I was asked if I would like to join a group of travel agents on an educational visit to Tobago. I flew from Gatwick direct to Tobago with Monarch Airlines, and it is amazing to think that in just eight hours I found myself in the Caribbean sunshine.

Our first day in Tobago was spent on a glass-bottomed boat admiring the coral on Buccoo Reef, swimming in the Nylon Pool and enjoying a barbecue. We listened to a steel band and did the limbo on a beach known as No Man's Land! It was sheer bliss as there was not another soul in sight.

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As I got to know Tobago I realised that Tobagans are truly friendly and willing, helping to make their visitors feel as comfortable as possible. Whilst in Tobago I was also able to enjoy a sunset catamaran cruise. With the wind filling the sails we all enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing hour around Buccoo Reef and Pigeon Point.

Turning inland, we discovered the lush rainforest situated on the eastern part of the island. The rainforest plays host to many species of wildlife, especially birds, as well as providing a wonderful display of tropical flora such as bougainvillea and orchids.

After my visit I am convinced that Tobago is everything you dream a Caribbean destination to be. It has something to offer everyone: lush rainforest, spectacular bird watching, diving for both advanced and novice divers, or simply just a haven to relax, unwind and enjoy. Tobago is my number one destination!

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