The Train through the Canadian Rockies

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The Rocky Mountaineer is the most famous icon of Canada. It breathes magic and romance as soon as you arrive at the station and step onto the train. It’s a 2 day journey from Vancouver to Banff. From the big picture window you enjoy the views of British Columbia, the Fraser Valley, the Fraser Canyon and Hell’s Gate. I travelled Redleaf on the first day – still special and very comfortable.  Meals are airline-style and served at our seats. The overnight stop is at Kamloops – we had dinner at the Two River Junction Diner. After our buffet meal, there was an excellent show to keep us entertained.

Our second day was in Goldleaf ‘upstairs’ in the observation car. Two things came to mind – the most wonderful scenery and the equally most wonderful food! There is even a pre-breakfast snack in your seats before your proper breakfast in the dining car!

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We followed the South Thompson river, past Craigellache and into Roger’s Pass with its tunnels, snowsheds and glistening glaciers. We climbed through the Spiral Tunnels and over the Continental divide to Banff National Park. And all the while being spoiled and with the delicious food with attentive service. The commentary was interesting when needed, and the rest of the time the scenery spoke for itself. We spotted elk and eagles on the way, but no bears…yet.

I used to wonder why the Rocky Mountaineer was always right at the top of our clients’ holiday experiences, now I’ve tried it I can understand why – the Rocky Mountaineer is really a beautiful and unforgettable journey!

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