The Hidden Island of Anguilla

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OK – Anguilla! What’s it all about? It was my mission to boldly go and un-hide this “hidden island of Anguilla”!

Finding Anguilla, in the Leeward Islands of the British West Indies was easy! Virgin from Gatwick and then a short flight on Liat Airlines from Antigua and I was amidst the unspoilt, traditional picture postcard Caribbean charm of Anguilla!

I stayed at the Cusinart Resort and Spa hotel, located on Rendezvous Bay, quite close to the airport. My luxury Junior Suite had an ocean view and balcony, just one of many of the excellent choices of accommodation…hotels, private villas and small beachfront apartments. Anguilla is just 35 square miles, and my hotel had its own Hydroponic farm – a soil free growing process that produces some of the freshest and healthiest pollutant and pesticide free vegetables in Anguilla.


It has 33 beautiful white sandy beaches – whether you’re looking for bars and restaurants (Shoal Bay) or quiet and secluded spots (Limestone Bay) Anguilla has some world famous choices. Swimming and snorkelling are easy, especially at Crocus Bay where the water is calm and clear.

Hiring a car or 4x4 for a few days to explore the island and its many small hidden coves is great fun; and if you’re into it – museums and art galleries too. A car can give you the freedom to try some wonderful dining experiences, like - Straw Hat in Meads Bay…a  Conde Naste recommendation!

It take just 20 minutes by ferry to visit the neighbouring busy and bustling island St Martin or St Maarten ~ interesting to see the Dutch/French influence here mixed with West Indian culture, – there’s elegant shopping and sophisticated casinos here ~ a contrast to sedate Anguilla!

But it’s hard to tear yourself away from Anguilla ~ the people are gentle and gracious, warm and welcoming. Their history is buried far into the past ~ ancient Amerindian settlements to more modern European colonization. They celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, and Whit Sunday, yet keep the Reggae tunes at the popular beach bars!

The weather is perfect in the high 80’s and the sea breezes make it comfortable. The island is low lying so any cloud cover is soon blown away.

“Blessed by tropical trade winds, surrounded by tranquil, turquoise seas, spectacular from sunrise through sunset”

That’s what they’re saying about Anguilla … and I can second that ~ it’s a perfect destination!

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