The Great Wall of China by Joanna and Stephen Felstead

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by Joanna and Stephen Felstead

Just thought I would let you know we did not die on the Great Wall of China - but I thought I had come close to it!

We had the most amazing time. We decided to do a 1.5 day trek with James, our guide, and camp on the Wall. We both got completely puffed out on the trek up to the wall itself, but my word was it worth it. You start on the wall at a section called the stairway to Heaven, its simply stunning. Its been a dream for us both and it really did not disappoint.
We stayed pretty much on the wall in tents that a porter had bought up on horseback half the way along the wall. We helped James put them up - it was very straightforward. We got dinner made for us which was great and woke up early for the sunrise over the Wall.Honestly we were pinching ourselves in disbelief at where we were. I do have to mention that it did get very cold in the tents over night tho! However, there were sausage sarnies and hot coffee for breakfast before packing up and on the trail again.
Most parts of the wall are very high up as the Chinese used the landscape itself to defend themselves from Mongolia and civil war in the North. As such it makes for fantastic scenery and views not to mention jaw-droppingly terrifying sections where you have to shimmy between the wall and cliff face to avoid certain death - apparently this only phased me though as Jo bounced across laughing at me!
It really was an adventure, some of it really was more like rock climbing rather than hiking and although a certain fitness level is required, the wall itself is no real problem but the hike up to it was knackering - BUT, that should not put anyone off!

James, our guide, was great too, professional, knowledgeable, polite. He took good care of us and was a good laugh.So if you know anyone wanting to go to China... who is not looking for Sagas most popular... or more interested in becoming a Sumo than a sprinter or... a family of 5 all under the age of 15!!So it does narrow it down, but hey - You work the impossible - its what you do, right?!

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