Some places make you want to jump for joy!
Some places make you want to sing!
And some places just bring out the poet in you.
A place that is beautiful
A place that is calm
A place where the stingrays
Do you no harm.
A place that is hot
Yet relaxing, so pretty
A tiny, little island –
Not a town or a city.
As your eyelids get heavy
And into a sleep you do drift
The sound of the ocean
Give your worries a lift.
Where the crystal blue sea
Laps at your feet
And as the warm golden sunset
The horizon it meets.
With palm trees for shade
And pure white sand underfoot
A cocktail in your right hand
And in your left lies a book.
Though the sun disappears
The waves continue to break
On to a picturesque beach
And a minute you take
To reflect that nothing
Gets better than this,
Everything that surrounds me
So impressive, what bliss.
The marine life such as turtles
A whole world under the sea,
It is this surreal island
That brings emotions to me.
This island’s a true wonder
In fact it is famous,
For this describes nothing but
The Islands of Cayman

Yes it really does bring out the poet in you!

Just ask me!