The BVIs (Best Vacation Ideas!)

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"Wow! How can the sea be so many different hues of blue?" was my first thought as we started our descent into Beef Island. The British Virgin Islands are made up of a chain of sixty islands where the Atlantic ocean meets the Caribbean sea. They are a haven for water sports enthusiasts, and newlyweds or old romantics. There are no high-rise hotels, casinos or nightclubs-so perfect for getting away from it all and letting time slip by.

We visited three islands. The first was Virgin Gorda, just eight-and-a-half miles long. Panoramic views in all directions and plenty of secluded beaches. A curious formation of huge boulders, called The Baths, has formed a natural playground of swimming pools, waiting to be explored. For those who want to take in a little history, a visit to the Copper Mine is a must. Some of the hotels on Virgin Gorda are so remote that they are only accessible by boat-real Caribbean paradise.

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Next--Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands and the hub of the chain. It has something for everyone, all types of accommodation, a variety of restaurants, plenty of beaches and sightseeing.

And finally, Peter Island! A private island of 1,800 acres, and only accessible by boat or helicopter. Guest numbers are strictly limited so the beaches are deserted. And off my own secluded beach I snorkelled over the coral reef and swam among the fish-an experience I will never forget. It was hard to drag myself away from this most idyllic location!

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