That Old Bermuda Triangle!

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Having just spent 5 days in Bermuda, I am pleased to report that the rumours are true. Things do disappear in the Bermuda Triangle – especially my cares and woes – all gone in the first 24 hours!

I’ve been trying to think how to write this blog, how do I sum up what Bermuda is all about, what is it that I will remember the most, back home, in my old routine?  My answer must be… the colours! The colours of Bermuda are in the vistas all around me!


WhiteWHITE – Dazzling and bright! All rooftops are white in Bermuda. Because there are no rivers, Bermudians capture all their rainfall from their roofs and store them under their houses. They are tiled and painted and their appearance is unique and typical of Bermuda. The little white roofed houses are a pretty picture wherever I look, and most especially along the coastlines. I’m in photographer’s heaven!



New Pink


PINK – Pink sand, yes it really is! The coral reefs around Bermuda have been crumbled by the sea and washed up to the shore over hundreds of millennia. It's more pronounced in the wet sand, so I go in, wiggle my toes and bury my feet. Cool water, and an exfoliating foot massage!





BLUE – Bermuda is an island, just 2 miles wide – so wherever I am, I can see blue! Blue sparkling seas in all hues and blue, blue skies above. The air is fresh (from sea breezes) clear and clean! Dotted with white sails below (Bermuda is a maritime paradise!) and fluffy white clouds above – with me, in between,  suspended somewhere between dreams and myths – only in Bermuda!




YellowYELLOW – It’s the colour of the sunset – turning to orange and then to gold. Bermuda has 262 sunny days a year. A gentle, warming sun – not a scalding, burning heat. A warmth to enjoy, I lift my face and sit back in my comfy poolside chair. Closing my eyes my ears tune in to the sounds around me, the
“kis-ka-dee” call of the Kiskadee bird – you hear him everywhere in Bermuda!




GreenGREEN – The colour of grass and leafy patterns – there are so many lovely lanes to walk and amble. Nothing strenuous (for couch potatoes like me), I can discover (and pick) all sorts of herbs growing wild, like chives, sage and thyme or just stop, stoop or stretch to smell a blossom – bright colourful bougainvillea and just look at the bright red poinsettia – growing wild – not small and stunted as it is on my kitchen windowsill!



So will you follow me? You can read about hotels, restaurants and statistics in any guide, on any website… but you’ll only get my point of view from me! See Bermuda through my eyes, and let me show you the colours!

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