Staycations can be Fun!

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Ok – so it’s raining, but don those wellies and that rain hat – the rain brings out the best furry caterpillars, butterflies, muddy puddles and rainbows!

Staycations are the in thing at the moment and I had a week away in a lovely corner of England, not too far from home, and as English-sea-side as you can get.

A delightful house and garden down a country lane, just 5 minutes’ walk to Winchelsea beach. We took buckets and spades, deck chairs and beach tents and we were lucky to have a hot, dry week of sunshine!

Sleepy Winchelsea has a convenience store and a pub and absolutely nothing on the beach but a visiting ice cream van. Just perfect!

But other than the beach …we found lots more to enjoy.

We went in search of Spike Milligan’s grave at St Thomas’s church to read his famous last words "I told you I was ill”.  It didn’t disappoint, he still made us laugh. You all remember the Goons, don’t you?

Just five minutes by car and we came to Rye and its beautiful Mermaid Inn. Cobbled streets and quaint lanes to meander. I could hear the clip clop of horse’s hooves in haste, carrying the plunder from the ship wrecks, to the hidey holes of illicit booty!

The old lighthouse at Dungeness can tell a few tales, I’m sure. Still standing, it has been replaced by a modern version further along the peninsula. After enjoying an al fresco fish and chips lunch, we boarded the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, for a nostalgic journey to the past.

The UK is a great place to holiday – no baggage restrictions, no airport hassles. Take your dog..we found all the pubs were dog friendly, and all the dogs we met were people friendly too!


After being locked up for so long we reunited with family, grandchildren, cousins, nieces aunties and uncles…what else are holidays about?

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