Staycation Blog – North and South Devon by Gaby

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Weekends away: yes, I have enjoyed these but more than a whole week's holiday in the UK was a novelty for me. The first worry is always the weather for me and the lack of 'foreignness' which I normally so enjoy.

However, when friends ask me to join them in Croyde on the North Devon Coast and then another group to come down to Brixham on the South Coast for a few days, I jumped at the chance and I have to say I am sort of converted.

Admittedly, the weather was glorious, the surfers were out in Croyde Bay and we did some long stretches of hiking along the famous South West Coast Path.  It is rugged and wild in places, stunningly beautiful in others, always with fabulous sea views. The pubs were open again but it wasn't crowded. The towns and villages along that coastline are quaint and pretty, a cool glass of local cider, some freshly caught seafood or the famous Devon afternoon tea with clotted cream are always available. It’s laid back and in terms of Croyde itself as a watersport hot spot fairly unique with amazing sunsets rivalling the rest of the world.

A car/train/bus trip later I arrived in Brixham - unfortunately stopping in Paignton which I shall not repeat and all in all surprised by the difference.  Lots of bigger towns which are touristy and were so busy.  However, Brixham - a proper fishing harbour - was quainter looking and hence pretty - impossible to get a restaurant reservation however for the same or next day - and lively during the day. Our walking routes were mapped out every day and we covered Dartmouth to Teignmouth in 4 days on the SW Coast Path.  In a way it was much more varied as we crossed towns like Torquay but in between there were stretches of beautiful often wooded coastline which were fairly steep in places. There were lots of food outlets about and an ice cream never far away.

So all in all it was an eye opener and I certainly arrived back home fitter than after a beach/ leisurely exploring style holiday... and of course Britain has a wealth of coastlines and beauty areas to explore but then there is always the big question about   'the weather’ .... so, would I be lucky again?

Where can you stay in Devon?

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