Tuesday 03 September 2019 – A Country for All Seasons

… its beauty, its excitement, its heritage and its highlights. Start with us and our recommendations, and then make your own story of Japan, whatever your interests are – gardens, castles, technology or tradition – it will be a holiday of a lifetime. Our evening starts at 6pm…please let us know if you’re coming.



10 September 2019: Chile – Land of Fire and Ice: Learn about the mysteries of Easter Island, the vastness of Atacama and then see the Icebergs of Patagonia. Chile is beckoning!




Tuesday 17 September 2019 – Bee-U-Tee-Ful Botswana!
The ultimate and most luxurious safari experience in Africa!

Our travel evenings are at the office and start at 6pm – hopefully we’ve finished by 7pm but if you have lots of questions, our evenings can run over. You don’t have to book – but let us know if you are coming as we provide chilled wine and nibbles.