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Taking short breaks is good for your health. It’s a proven fact. There’s no stress preparing to leave your home or job for a long absence, and there’s no backlog to catch up when you get back.
In the busy, busy days between Christmas and Easter we took off for a short break to Boston. Just 4 days, no plans for sightseeing or rushing around – just strolling and soaking in the atmosphere of the city’s streets and squares. Time to relax and unwind. Boston has some excellent restaurants and we enjoyed the famous Clam Chowder at Cheers – mmm delicious as ever!
We had an excellent deal on our flight with Icelandair via Reykjavik; the journey was over in no time at all. On the way home we opted for the later connection to London, which allowed us a 6 hour stay in Iceland and a visit to the Blue Lagoon. There will be another time to visit Iceland and her wonders but hey! This was my short break and its theme was rejuvenate and refresh!
The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa with a water temperature of around 36C. It’s just 12 miles from the airport and for £8 you can stay all day. There are excellent showers, changing rooms, shops and restaurants. The place itself is surreal and beautiful. The waters have a rare combination of natural minerals, white silica mud and blue-green algae. The steam rising from the warm water into the cool air creates its magical environment. If you can tear yourself away from the water, there are steam rooms and saunas and for a special treat, lie back in the water and enjoy a fabulous relaxing massage.
Iceland is all your geography lessons in one, geothermals, bedrocks and shifting plates. A
country of glaciers and waterfalls – Northern Lights and rockin’ Nightlife. But that’s for next time – now I’m ready to return to the rat race – relaxed and glowing – my short break has worked for me!

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