October is the time of rupertxcolours – Autumn leaves and Halloween pumpkins!

New England is the place to see the Fall, and Salem is the place to be at Halloween!
Do you dare?!


Our travel Tuesdays this month are:

01 October 2019: India: From the Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle, to Kerala in the south.
India – in its entirety – South to Kerala, and then North, to the shimmering Taj Mahal, Its temples, its tigers and its traditions. India is everyone’s destiny. Could it be yours too? Find out at 6pm today.




14 October 2019: Sri Lanka: We’ll tell you a story that started 2,000 years ago over a nice cup of Ceylon tea!





29 October 2019: Chile – Land of Fire and Ice: Learn about the mysteries of Easter Island, the vastness of Atacama and then see the Icebergs of Patagonia. Chile is beckoning!

Our evenings are 6pm to 7pm – it’s a small gathering to chat informally about the destination, show a few pictures and share a glass of wine. You get the chance to ask questions from the experts, dispel fears and make sure your holiday is everything you hope for!

You don’t have to ‘book’ a place, but it’d be nice to know you’re coming!