Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia – better known by the locals as “Our World by the Sea”.

I flew on a charter airline that operates a non-stop service from Gatwick – handy, and extremely comfortable. Six-and-a-half hours later and we had arrived in Halifax.

Halifax is lively and cosmopolitan, with its dazzling array of shops, restaurants and bars, and also the biggest casino east of Montreal. As you travel out of Halifax you will find something truly amazing – breath-taking scenery and beautiful colours of Nature. It is so easy to become wrapped up in the romance of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia, with its Atlantic coastlines, is a nature lover’s paradise. While I was there I realised why. I went whale watching in Cheticamp aboard the “Love Boat” and found myself amidst a school of minke whales just feet away – a moment I will never forget.

Easy driving through the National Forests across the island, a moose strolled into the road, just in front of my car! As for the grizzly bears, I was unfortunate to miss them!

Cape Breton Island in the north, and the historic city of Sydney – who can resist the moving story of Evangelina? Nature trails, lobster and seafood lunches… lighthouses and Peggy’s Cove… Come on, Canada’s calling!

And I’m calling you! From the gallery – there’s lots more to hear about Nova Scotia.

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