Natalia Ardines

I’ve recently joined the team at Hallmark Travel and I am delighted to find my colleagues have as much passion for travelling as I do! My travel experience is mostly stemmed around my family holidays and we’ve mainly travelled around Spain.

I am from Northern Spain so travelling there is always a home from home for me. A few years ago, we did a road trip across northern Spain to Madrid. We started at Galicia, and our trip took us via Asturias famous for its cheese and cider! We drove through the mountainous scenery, rather precariously, as the roads were only wide enough for one car.... and when another car is coming towards you, you have nowhere to go! Galicia is a beautiful region of Spain, very popular for fishing and sea food as well as its green landscapes. Visiting Santiago de Compostela was amazing. I loved the impressive cathedral design and seeing many people finishing their Pilgrimage routes.

My second favourite holiday destination is Germany.  We flew to Munich and spent a lot of time in many beer gardens! Trying famous German white sausage, Black Forest Gateau, Currywerst and many steins.

I also love to visit football stadiums in different countries. The Allianz Arena has a fantastic interactive tour with great tour guides filled with interesting information and stories that have happened there. After, you walk through a memorabilia museum, see the teams that have played here and all the trophies they’ve won.

Very soon I will start my travel apprenticeship, and I am looking forward to the formal training. I am also looking forward to discovering new places and exploring itineraries with customers, learning together!



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