Gabriele Scholes


I’ve been at Hallmark Travel for over 13 years, and the most interesting bookings I have arranged were to South Africa and Peru.

There is something so satisfying and exciting about creating the perfect holiday for clients to destinations one knows well.

To picture them enjoying hotels I know myself, restaurants I had tried and loved, wine tastings in authentic vineyards, places and beauty spots which are not on the usual tourist route is lovely.  First however, it’s most important to get a feel for what constitutes a wonderful holiday experience for this particular client and those ideas differ greatly at times. Then the hard work begins to put it into a time frame, considering their budget and giving gentle guidance, for some to do a bit more, for others to not want to do it all and rush through the experiences without time to relax and take it all in.

I have organised dozens of trips in South Africa, every one of them with a personal twist and often arranging special welcome treats in the establishments I know well. Once the client comes back, they often added to my list with a recommendation of their own.

My last booking to Peru was a one of a lifetime trip to Peru and the Galapagos Islands and an Amazon jungle trek as a secret 60th Birthday present for my client's wife. Communication was difficult and there was so much to discuss.  I knew they would enjoy the route I took myself in Peru but the Galapagos was a different matter: so many options of different boats in terms of size and where they go, what types of cabin and which activities, sizes for wet suits - a delicate question - and will they get there well in time? Even while they travelled flights got changed or delayed - it was work in progress to the end.

Compare that with another booking where a client wanted to walk across parts of China and Russia starting and ending in the most obscure spots. Visa requirements were complicated, I was relieved to see him back one day.

So, there is never a dull moment: every new enquiry has its twists and turns. The world is as diverse as the people wanting to see parts of it and it is our job to match them.



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