My first job as a Saturday girl, was in travel, stamping brochures, filing and making endless cups of tea for clients.  I caught the travel bug! Since then, and for over half of my career, I have explored the 4 corners of the globe fulfilling my heart’s desire to travel. Now I can confidently use my skills to deliver a professional service to the clients at Hallmark Travel.

I love the USA and I have spent an extended period of time travelling from New York to Miami, spotting handbags in Macy’s to alligators in the Glades.

The top places I dream of visiting are Hawaii and Venice, I dream of being on a safari wish to capture the Big Five on my camera!

When I am not working, I enjoy an amble in the English countryside in the fresh air, or pottering in my garden. Whilst helping out at the local cubs and scout pack,  I am called Bagera and I enjoy escorting them fun events such as canoeing, camping and archery.



I like to bring a smile to whatever I do and certainly brought a few when I dressed up as a tiger for the carnival float.

When the weather is a little less sunny nothing beats chilling on the sofa with a good crime novel and a bucket of coffee. I particularly enjoy those written by Peter James as they are often set in my local area.

Let me be your detective and find you your dream holiday!

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