I have been in travel since I was a teenager! I qualified in Australia in the days where tickets were hand written, and we worked out the fares from a great thick manual! Things have certainly changed and everything is now electronic.

I grew up in Africa and would often spend weekends wearing my father’s oversize t-shirts whilst shading from the harsh sun as he water-skied amongst hiding hippos. Later on, we moved to Australia where I attended school and travel college. Annual trips to return to visit UK based family always included a transit somewhere in Asia or The Americas and on some trips, even both.

Travelling brought me a love of culture and a fascination of the world’s natural environment.

I joined Hallmark Travel when I was 19 years old and relished learning about new destinations and I get to experience a few first-hand too. Meeting an English lad and settling down to have a family meant a slight adjustment to my exotic travel plans and morphed into exploring all inclusive hotels a little closer to home in the Mediterranean. As a family we have always taken advantage of a few free days in the UK and one night city breaks to Europe!

This year we look forward to visiting Barcelona and Menorca and have just returned from a cottage in Norfolk.

I grow my own vegetables and enjoy cooking healthy and colourful dishes, often influenced by the countries that I have visited. I am an avid reader and have way more books that I have time to read. The third passion after my family and travel is yoga. I am yoga crazy!

My motto in life is to be happy, find a reason to smile and stop to take a pause.

They say the travel industry gets “under your skin” and no matter why you leave, you always come back. It’s a passion and I certainly have that!


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