Tuesday 05 May 2020 – Namibia

Namibia – is Africa in the raw! Fabulous Etosha Natural Park the eyrie and amazing Skeleton coast and the giant sand dunes – the variety of landscapes, coupled with the Big Five make Namibia a unique holiday. Start with Victoria Falls and self-drive all the way to Windhoek – what an adventure!

Come and hear all about it on Tuesday 05 May at 6pm – sit back with a glass of wine and start planning!


Tuesday 19 May 2020 – Bee-U-Tee-Ful Botswana!
 Botswana – where you are the visitor in the animal’s natural habitat! Yes, your camp is in the bush, no roads, no fences between you and the wildlife – safari by 4-wheel drive jeep, or on foot, or by canoe – you’ll get a unique perspective – up close, really up close! I can give you a glimpse of your Botswana experience on Tuesday 19 May at 6pm – take a seat and enjoy the ride!




Our travel evenings are at the office and start at 6pm – hopefully we’ve finished by 7pm but if you have lots of questions, our evenings can run over. You don’t have to book – but let us know if you are coming as we provide chilled wine and nibbles.