Tuesday 02 June 2020: Peru

Peru! In search of the Incas, the Lost City, Conquistadors, floating reed islands, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon! So many wonderful places to explore – and we can help! Join us on Tuesday 02 June at 6pm, we’ll take you there from the Amazon jungles to the beach at Paracas, from the Nazca Lines to the vast and cold Lake Titicaca.





Tuesday 16 June 2020: Chile – Land of Fire and Ice: Learn about the mysteries of Easter Island, the vastness of Atacama and then see the Icebergs of Patagonia. Chile is beckoning!


Our travel evenings are at the office and start at 6pm – hopefully we’ve finished by 7pm but if you have lots of questions, our evenings can run over. You don’t have to book – but let us know if you are coming as we provide chilled wine and nibbles.