March 2024 – Canada

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28 March 2024 - Canada

Canada is our favourite destination! From the Atlantic Coasts of Newfoundland to the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island you will see so many changing landscapes, plains and Rocky Mountains, pass by your windows, train, bus, RV or car!


Enjoy food from every region, like clam chowder in Nova Scotia to thick juicy steaks in Alberta!


How will you see the best of your holiday to Canada? Well, you start with us – at our Canada Evening on 28 March 2024. We’ll show you the best of Canada, afterwards we’ll put together the best itinerary to give you the best price too!


If your idea of Canada is ‘I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay’ then you really need to come! So don’t leave it to chance! Come to Hallmark Travel, your Canadian Specialist… and please, let us know your coming!

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