January 2022

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Say goodbye to 2021!

A year we will never forget…. after 2020.

The main thing is that we’ve all stayed safe – ok our travels were curtailed, and we stayed close to home – but like every storm, there’s a rainbow at the end…and in 2022…here it comes!

The last months have brought a collection of cliches to mind…” life’s too short”, “live life to the full”, “tomorrow may never come”, “grab it and go!” If you are like me, dig deep into your bucket and make 2022 a year to celebrate your life and expand your horizons.

And we would love to help!

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No, I'm not a Travel Guru, but I have loved travelling since I was five years old, and more than love travel... I love to share my experiences... and show you our Wonderful World through my eyes!

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