Iguassu – the Falls at The Devils Throat (video clip)

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They say that butterflies thrive in a clean and fresh atmosphere. Well I have never seen so many butterflies as I did at Iguassu Falls in South America.

The falls are magnificent, with walkways, bridges and glass lifts – you are not just an onlooker - you are in the midst of the mists, the thundering roar filling up your ears and the sights of falling white viels of water surrounding you, and rainbows all around!!

You don’t notice you are getting wet as you spin around and gaze in wonder at the work of nature - yes it is a Wonderful World!

Butterflies flit, hitching rides on your shoulder, or your hands, and keep you company as you enjoy the sunshine and the views from all the fantastic vantage points, camera in hand.

Apart from that Iguassu is a sleepy little town at the meeting place of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay - surrounded by a rich rain forest and just a couple of hotels. The Sheraton in Argentina and the das Cataratas on the Brazilian side. This is an Belmond property, and a jewel in their collection. Only the view of the Falls from your room will drag you away from the luxurious facilities here - fine dining, a cool and serene pool and its tropical gardens! Toucans in the trees and racoons in the flowerbeds!


They say that Argentina has the Falls, but Brazil has the View, and it’s easy to experience both. Crossing the border and red tape formalities are no hassle at all.

But don’t just take my word for it - take the testimonial of hundreds and thousands of beautiful butterflies.

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