Health and Wealth in Cambodia

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Is it time for some ‘me time’? Are you in need of pampering, slowing down or switching off altogether? There is a whole new definition of luxury holidays in travel –  for the destination primarily, but more about lifestyle holidays that offer rest, relaxation and recharge! There are lots to choose from too, all over the world – but our little gem is in Cambodia.

Navutu Dreams Wellness Retreat is an intimate and quiet luxury resort with an extensive wellness programme designed to detox both body and mind. Relax into yourself in the spa with a traditional Asian massage, exercise in one of three pools and meditate at yoga three times a day

There’s no need to starve here – the Niam Niam Restaurant not only has wines and beer and burgers and chips but also fabulous tasting juices, a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables to cleanse and rehydrate your system naturally.

Siem Reap is an ideal destination to unwind, there’s meditation at the sacred Angkora temple, calming guided walks on selected paths within the Angkor Archaeological Park and a schedule for relaxation, self-renewal and rejuvenation

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