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Guernsey Travels

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My first surprise, as I prepared for a visit to Guernsey was the plane! It was ever so small! But it’s just a short flight over the English Channel to Guernsey, so it was fine. From the taxi to the hotel, I looked at the views and wondered what the next couple of days would be like. Very different to England. Very relaxing.

First, sightseeing – around the whole island with a tour guide. We stopped at many beauty spots, cliffs and beaches. The tour ended in St Peter Port by the Harbour, and I headed to the shops (all tax free!)

The afternoon was even more exciting as I listened to the historic stories by Annette Henry. The guide told tales of murder and torture, and took us to the gory sites. Glad it was daylight, not a night tour!

I took the ferry to Herm the next day, less inhabited and only one hotel! I had a walking tour and we walked around the whole island in less than 3 hours, returning to the harbour across a beautiful white sandy beach

On the last day Guernsey, it rained! But we still went for a hike to the cliff tops – the views were amazing views, and even Jersey was visible too.

Soon it was time to go home, but I thought Guernsey was charming, very quiet, laid back and easygoing. A great experience, but make sure you take your walking boots and be ready for fresh air and exercise!

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