February 2023 – Japan

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Japan is filled with beauty, excitement and heritage.

If you're thinking of visiting, start with us and our recommendations, and then make your own story of Japan, whatever your interests are – gardens, castles, technology or tradition – we will make it a holiday of a lifetime!

Think of Japan, and you think of Mount Fuji, ‘bullet trains’, conveyor belt sushi, sumo wrestling, manicured gardens, sacred temples and doll-like geishas. Japan is all these things and much more.

The geography is staggering. Ranging over 3,000 kilometres across more than 6,000 islands, from Japan’s northern tip, where Siberian winds bring heavy snowfall, to the sub-tropical islands of the south. 75 percent of Japan is mountainous and includes one tenth of the world’s active volcanoes.

Japan has 120 million people who have the world’s longest life expectancy, they are also some of the friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet.

Japan is so different, there are futuristic cities where millions of people work and play beneath their skyscrapers. There are traditional villages where time has stopped still; rice is still planted by hand; kimono still worn with pride and festivals play out exactly as they have for generations.

Then, there’s the food! Japan has the most delicate, exquisite and varied of the world’s cuisines. From the freshest sushi at Tokyo’s Tskuiji fish market, to bowls of steaming udon slurped at noodle bars with legions of Osaka’s salarymen, to the refined kaiseki banquets in Kyoto; get the perfect flavour of Japan!

Go on, take a holiday to Japan. The only danger is that the country is sure to draw you back time and time again.

Want to check it out?

Join us in person, or by Zoom at our Japan Evening on the 16 February 2023. Please ask us for the passcode if you are joining by zoom.

Our evening is from 6pm to 7pm...please let us know if you’re coming.

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