February 2024 – Vietnam and Cambodia

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29 February 2024 - Vietnam and Cambodia Travel Evening


You may know a little bit about Vietnam from your history books - if it has stayed in your memory, planted a seed to visit... then join us on Thursday 29 February 2024.



On the same evening, we are showing you Cambodia. Cambodia is most famous for the temple at Angkor Wat which is often called the Eighth Wonder of the World... there is an amazing story behind the temple and its evolution through many cultures. It's well worth the early start to just sit and gaze at its fascinating beauty in the sunrise.


If you'd like to know more... how to get there, do you need a visa, what's the weather like, the food... do they speak English?

All will be revealed over a nice glass of chilled wine and a few nibbles.

6pm at our office, just an hour to magic you away to this wonderful and fascinating land - book your place.

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No, I'm not a Travel Guru, but I have loved travelling since I was five years old, and more than love travel... I love to share my experiences... and show you our Wonderful World through my eyes!

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