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This is a story for all you Doubting Thomases out there! It’s about a pilgrimage to Fatima

Fatima is in Portugal, about an hour from Lisbon and Lisbon is an easy (and cheap) flight from Gatwick with Easyjet. So I made some time in my “city break” to visit Fatima. You may say “not another one of those hysterical religious sightings” and I too was dubious – but I went, I saw, I read the evidence and I saw the crowds… and what can I say? There must be some strength in Faith, some Hope if you can believe without proof. I went with an open mind.

Many miracles that we read about happened hundreds of years ago, so Fatima aroused my curiosity because Our Lady, Mary first appeared in 1917, she appeared to three small shepherd children in a little village called Fatima. She appeared precisely on 13 May, and then every 13th of each month following until 13 October. The Lady called herself The Immaculate Heart of Mary and she told the children three secrets. They were actually 3 predictions, and I will let you decide if the predictions and their interpretations have come true.

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Two of the children died quite soon afterwards but the last child, Lucia, lived to a ripe old age and died in 2005.

Whatever you decide, or believe, the sanctuary at Fatima is a quiet and peaceful haven. At its front is the beautiful Basilica where the children are buried. Its stained glass windows and magnificent altar are a joy to marvel in the hushed silence. In the square outside over the spot of the apparition is an outdoor chapel – you can attend a catholic mass here, in any language at all times of the day. I enjoyed a lovely afternoon quietly ambling and looking at the many statues, chapels and gardens. There was also a lovely museum telling the story of Fatima and displaying some interesting artifacts – the bullet from the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II and even a piece of the Berlin Wall, complete with graffiti is in a showcase to the side of the sanctuary entrance.

Lisbon is a lovely city to visit, with a million things to “must do” – and I would add to the list – take a trip outside to Fatima – you never know… you may find your soul!

But find me first, and let me help you to visit Fatima

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