Elk-O-Seltzer by Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson

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by Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson

We had enjoyed a wonderful family holiday in Canada, starting with a trip to the Calgary Stampede, followed by visits to the beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies, mountain biking in Jasper and whitewater rafting on the Sunwapta River (twice, it was so good!).

On the night before we had to leave for the airport, we had dinner in Jasper and left town at about 10pm to get back to Becker's Chalets. Just leaving the town in our brand new Ford Windstar people carrier, Brenda said, "I expect that this will be a good time to see wildlife," whereupon a mature elk ran out of the woods, decided to cross the road, then saw the car. The elk made a valiant attempt to jump over the vehicle, but instead crashed against the windscreen (windshield, for Canadian readers), rolled over the bonnet (hood), and lay quite still on the far side of the road. The Budget rental car was in a mess, but we managed to get it back to town and called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A park ranger was quickly on the scene, but the elk--with no more than a split lip--jumped up and ran away, apparently unharmed, although I did wonder if it needed an elk-o-seltzer! The Mounty (imagine Frasier from TV's "Due South") was very understanding, filled out the accident forms and told us, "It happens a lot around here."

Budget replaced the car the next morning with no charge because thankfully we'd ticked the box on the insurance form for Collision Damage Waiver--apparently, elks are included!
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