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Eilat and Petra

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Today I closed my eyes, lay back and floated in the Dead Sea. And while I floated, a calm and quiet feeling settled over me--for this place, 1,320 feet below sea level, has a unique atmosphere that slows down the system and induces a feeling of relaxation that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. While I gently floated in the eerie silence, I dreamt about Arabian Nights, Camels and Caravans, Mysterious Bedouins and Petra, the Rose Red City of the Desert.

My breath caught in my throat at my first sight of Al-Khazneh Faron (The Treasury Building) in Petra, completely carved from the pink rock and almost perfectly preserved from the elements. It's a 40-minute walk through the spectacular Siq gorge, a walk through time to 85 BC, the sights of horses, camels and donkeys making their way with tourists over and over and wondering what all the fuss is about!

A fellow floater bumped into me and brought me out of my reverie and so I made my way to the showers. Later that day there was another "first" in store for me: an encounter with wild dolphins in the Red Sea. The brightly coloured striped and spotted tropical fish were overshadowed as we were surrounded, above, below and on both sides, by friendly and inquisitive dolphins coming to say hello!

Are you wondering where I am? I could only be in Eilat--40 degrees, blue skies, hummus and pita bread, steeped in history, culture, mystery and myths. Israel fulfils all holiday dreams.

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