Do Buy in Dubai (video clip)

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Dubai is a city of skyscrapers and shopping malls. Dubai changes, so quickly and so amazingly!
We are all familiar with the Jumeirah Beach Hotels and the Burj al Arab. Make way for the Burj Dubai – the world’s tallest tower and the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island! Dubai Marina is a forest of skyscrapers and the Metro takes you from Creek to City to Beach with ease.
We spent a day at Atlantis – although the Waterpark (Aqualand) and its “Leap of Faith” ride into a tank of sharks was not my scene, I loved the Lost City of Atlantis with its amazing aquarium and Whale Shark…. I stayed for hours and learned so much!
Dubai Mall is really worth a visit – after The Mall of the Emirates with its full-scale ski slope – you’d think it couldn’t get any better! But…. in Dubai Mall, you can stay for days! Shopping, beauty treatments, cinemas, an ice rink, marvellous aquarium, restaurants, shows…this mall has everything! You can seriously damage your credit card here!
We took a trip to Kurama – have you heard of it? If you’ve got the time to bargain – there are hundreds of designer bags, shoes, sunglasses, watches – all completely “genuine fakes”, and top quality too! What you need is time, and a stubbornness to stick to your price – as they give you the “best price”, the “last price” and the “final price”. So go forth and haggle! And when you bring your prize home you will surely be the envy of all your friends!But apart from all this – UAE is a great place to visit. The men and women look strange to us in their black and white traditional dress, a culture so curious. The food is delicious, Arabic dishes – Harees, Machboos, and all types of Hummus and breads. And afterwards - an Arabic coffee and a Sheesha pipe, perhaps sitting outside in the warm night air, under a cloudless starlit sky.
I love the domes and minarets you see everywhere, and the strange chanting heard all over the city five times a day. “The Call to Prayer” reminding me that although I can enjoy everything the West can offer, here, in the UAE, I am in an Islamic land. The Emirati people have retained their values and beliefs and kept their cultural identity…which is probably the biggest reason why the UAE, and the Middle East is so fascinating and so exciting.
Don’t take too long to come and see for yourself!

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