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Discovering the Treasures of Egypt and Jordan

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Sitting in the extra leg room section of Monarch airlines made my 5 hour journey to Taba hassle free – then just 30 minutes later we were sitting outside in the warm evening at the Marriott Resort and Spa, with a cold beer admiring the beautifully illuminated hotel and the moonlit sky – was it really midnight?!

Taba’s variety of 3, 4 & 5 star hotels provide a wide choice of beachfronts, lovely pools, watersports, spas and restaurants. At night the resort comes alive with music, entertainment, and of course Shisha pipe smoking stations!

Taba is also famous for diving – Red Sea Waterworld offers scuba diving and provides a host of watersports including sailing, water-skiing, and banana boats, if you’d like to get wet, or a glass bottom boat and a submarine if you’d rather stay dry – or just relax on your sunbed!

At 3.30am the next day we travelled across the Sinai to Cairo. As dawn broke we witnessed the sunrise over the endless desert – and then we crossed the Suez Canal via the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel!

Cairo is amazing – the noisy traffic, the beautiful vistas across the Nile and the crowds! Our hotel at Giza, overlooking the Pyramids, felt like a calm oasis.  We had a full day of sight seeing – a tour of Cairo, a few fun filled hours in the bazaar, which dazzled us with all the goods on offer, and a tour of the great Pyramids themselves, before returning to Taba.

Another day, and another journey – this time to the Rose Red City of Petra in Jordan. The journey from Taba starts with a lovely hour-long boat trip across the Red Sea to Aqaba. Once in Petra we walked across open plains down to the Siq. I will never forget that moment my eyes looked through the gorge, the soaring cliffs, and red and brown colours of the stone, to rest suddenly on the pink lines of the Treasury Building! It was truly breathtaking. Horse drawn transport and donkeys are at hand here to make the journey back a bit easier – and all too soon we were back in Taba for a late dinner at our hotel!

I enjoyed the laziness of Taba too, after all my adventures – the hotel’s lovely pool, a beautiful golf course nearby and of course the beach! Snorkelling in the nearby coral reefs in the warm sea and sunshine – a perfect end to a busy adventure.

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