Discover the wonders of South Australia (video clip)

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When planning a trip to Australia, most people choose Sydney, Cairns and Ayers Rock, especially if it's their first visit. I was one of those people! That is, until I discovered South Australia, the Festival State! Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is the perfect place to start your holiday. The city has excellent shopping, museums and galleries, gourmet restaurants and lively cafes. Adelaide's rail connections mean you can board the famous Ghan to Melbourne or Alice Springs--a perfectly relaxing way to experience Australia's dramatic scenery.

South Australia is famous for its wine. A visit to the National Wine Centre is great fun. If you don't know anything about wine, you will by the end of this tour! Feel the buzz when you buy a bottle of Jacobs Creek or Harvey's from the place it was actually made! One piece of advice though: book your trip to Barossa by the wine-train or coach--driving can hinder your wine tasting!

Not far from the city is the Outback. The Murray River offers peace, relaxation and a variety of accommodation, from paddle steamers to luxurious houseboats. Your Outback tour should include Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre in the Flinders National Park; Arkaroola in the Gammon Ranges, an incredible observatory for star gazers; and the four-wheel-drive Ridge Top Tour, an exhilarating scenic 'roller coaster'!

Unique Kangaroo Island, twenty minutes by air from Adelaide, is the place to be if you want to see wildlife in its completely natural habitat. Walking on the beach, close enough to touch the huge seals basking in the sun, was amazing.

So, don't skip over the South Australia pages in your brochure, come and discover all its wonders for yourself!

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