Casinos, Canyons and Forest Giants – National Parks of USA

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  To some it is a modern-day Gomorrah, but whatever your view, Las Vegas is a fascinating experience, if only to marvel at the brash vulgarity and total unreality of it all. For us it was the starting point of a three week, 2500 mile self-drive tour, which took us to some of the most [...]

The Cayman Islands, by Katy Hallmark (age 14)

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Some places make you want to jump for joy! Some places make you want to sing! And some places just bring out the poet in you. A place that is beautiful A place that is calm A place where the stingrays Do you no harm. A place that is hot Yet relaxing, so pretty A tiny, little island – Not [...]

South Africa – A week is not enough

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On Monday we were looking forward with little enthusiasm to another rather routine week ahead. On Wednesday we were thundering down the Gatwick runway on board a flight to Johannesburg. It had been a very special last-minute offer and we had decided to seize the opportunity of a week long glimpse of South Africa. Our [...]

America’s Great Lake Erie!

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American Airlines took me to The Great Lakes of North America! First Chicago then Detroit, home of Motown and famous for the motor industry. I toe-tapped through Hitsville – home to the Motown’s Studio a museum in the footsteps of talented USA musicians like The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Then, [...]

Sydney, Rock and Reef – A First Time Tour

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On 18 February this year, I left the UK on a marvellous trip Down Under on Singapore Airlines. I was one of a group of just ten selected travel agents to embark on this wonderful visit. We all met at Heathrow Airport for your flight with Singapore Airlines to Sydney with a change of planes [...]

Oman for Arabian Days and Nights

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My fact finding mission for Hallmark Travel was to go to Oman, so I was slightly nervous! I had never visited the Middle East before and really didn’t know what to expect. It was also during ‘Ramadan’ (like our Lent). Rumours were being spread of having no food and drink and being covered from head [...]

Tasmania Tales by Joanna Bradley

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My adventure in Tasmania was to be by campervan, so we collected our vehicles and drove to the port to board the Spirit of Tasmania II for the overnight journey to Davenport. After a lovely meal I snuggled down in my cabin to arrive refreshed the next morning and ready for breakfast at the Anvers Chocolate [...]

Nova Scotia

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My first trip to Canada! And I was extra lucky, I visited Nova Scotia – better known by the locals as “Our World by the Sea”. I flew on a charter airline that operates a non-stop service from Gatwick – handy, and extremely comfortable. Six-and-a-half hours later and we had arrived in Halifax. Halifax is [...]