August 2024 – USA

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29 August 2024 - USA

Come and join our USA at the Movies evening on 29 August 2024 ….at 6pm we will open a chilled California Chardonnay and present you with a whole array of holidays in America - from Heritage, to National Parks, exciting cities, music tours, Alaskan cruises and yes, even Disney!


A country of superlatives - deepest canyon, largest lake, tallest building and the lowest place below sea level!


What and where do you want to go in America? Come to our USA at The Movies night on Thursday 29 August 2024.


Our travel evenings are at the office and start at 6pm - hopefully we've finished by 7pm but if you have lots of questions, our evenings can run over. You don't have to book - but let us know if you are coming as we provide chilled wine and dine.

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No, I'm not a Travel Guru, but I have loved travelling since I was five years old, and more than love travel... I love to share my experiences... and show you our Wonderful World through my eyes!

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