David and Goliath

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I walked slowly up the cool dark corridor, the noise around me fading in my ears as I approached the shining white marble apparition, high up on a pedestal bathed in a light that emanated from where…?

In the moment that I stopped and looked up at Michelangelo’s David, my breath caught in my throat as my eyes travelled from head to toe of this beautiful, mesmerising and perfect figureitaly 2014 082


David – caught in a pose, his sling over his shoulder, his hand cupped in a fist: thus he stands as Michelangelo carved him to look down on us for hundreds of years – immortalised

You will find David at the Accademia Gallery in Florence – and amongst the many treasures at the Uffizi Gallery nearby, you will see Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” however, the jewel of all Firenze – is the Cathedral and Duomo. italy 2014 147Brace yourself! It’s 456 steps to the top – but the view from the top is fantastic! You get up close to the painted ceiling at the top level – scenes of Judgement Day – devils, tails, horns and pitchforks sent me cowering to the stairways!italy 2014 125


But outside, in the bright sunshine, eating Italian gelato (ice cream), all the demons were chased away!

Not far from Florence, I was at Pisa and its famous leaning tower. How we all laughed taking pictures and pretending to stop the tower leaning any further! Then a cold beer and a spaghetti as we watched the sun go down.

Florence – it’s a city break to break them all!

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  1. Jackie and Michael Bogie on July 7, 2014 at 4:26 am

    We agree that Northern Italy is simply beautiful!
    Pisa and Florence are treasures not to be missed!

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