Cairo – the treasure of Egypt

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Just 5 hours away, Cairo can easily be a long weekend destination. Although the journey is short, it will take you back to a civilisation four and a half thousand years old. The purpose of our journey was to see the Pyramids – the great pyramids of Giza in particular and the mysterious Sphinx. We stayed in downtown Cairo and our hotel was next door to the museum.
We left early for Giza (about 45 minutes away) but it was already busy with coaches and tourists when we arrived before 8am!
Our guide was full of dates and details, but I enjoyed the moments when I could sit quietly and stare at these magnificent, awesome tombs – how could anyone be so obsessed with a tale of ‘afterlife’? This question was even more burning when we visited the museum, dazzled by the gold and jewels of Tutankhamun, the boy King, and the heart-stopping beauty of the Mask.Copy of gaby egypt 036

In the evening we crossed the road at the front of our hotel to the River Nile – this is the place to be at sunset, in a traditional felucca enjoying the sounds of the city on the quiet of the water.
In reality Cairo is noisy, hot, dusty and we are hounded by traders at every turn when out walking, but the beauty of its treasures, the ancient history and stories of its Pharaohs and Queens will always make it a “must visit” on everyone’s list.

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