Bueno Aires the Big Apple of Argentina (video clip)

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Argentina – what does it bring to mind?
Cattle ranches, glacier parks, and Tango!

I just sneaked into one tiny corner on my visit to Buenos Aires. Even if you don’t like cities – this city, its history and its story will romance you away.

The story is, of course, of Eva Peron. About a young, poor girl who came to Buenos Aires with starry eyes looking for fame and fortune. She made it of course – first the radio and then in films…nothing spectacular until she met and married the future president of Argentina – Juan Peron.

Eva Peron changed the face of politics and government in Argentina. Her charismatic character won the hearts of the poor people. She was a ‘Robin Hood’. Some hated her, and some loved her – but no one ignored her. Her speeches from the balcony of the Casa Rosada were famous and gathered crowds in their hundreds to hear the messages from ‘Santa’ Evita.

Full on in the public eye, the Evita era was loud, ostentatious, controversial, and dangerously close to the edge.

Why there is still so much to be said of Evita is for you to decide, after you have heard opinions from your guides, and taxi drivers – yes, everyone has an opinion.

Gather round and reflect at her tomb in the Recoleta Cemetery - why, after her death, people were fanatics - even the embalmist fell in love with her dead body! And why was it smuggled out of Argentina and hidden away for 15 years?

…and why 60 years on is she still the most remembered person when anyone mentions Argentina?

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