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There is so much you can do in a day, and a trip to Brussels and some Christmas shopping fun can definitely be done in a day!

Don’t mind about the early start travelling to London – the day is about to unfold! And meeting ‘under the clock’ at St Pancras Station brought a nostalgic warm flutter to my heart. We were served a welcome continental breakfast and afterwards relaxed in our seats whilst speeding across the British countryside, through the tunnel and across to France, Belgium and Brussels. In no time at all we arrived at the colourful stalls and the markets, the giant Christmas tree and famous big wheel dominating the scene. The buildings were beautiful around the main square, and were a picture with Christmas decorations and lights, it was like a fairy tale.

No visit to this Christmas market would be complete without a warming gluhwein, chocolate tasting and a ride on the big wheel to see the sights of the city from above.

We so enjoyed browsing in the collection of wooden cabins filled with abundant goodies, from traditional crafts to modern art. Brussels is famous for chocolate, and varieties of beer, and there was plenty of opportunity to buy and enjoy them. It was truly magical when the sun set. In the darkness the Christmas lights were brilliant and shining. Especially the tree, the heart of the area, raising our spirits and adding to the festive atmosphere. Even the famous Manneken Pis… a little bit of Christmas tinsel framing the much visited little chap.… was in a festive mood for us!

A visit to Brussels’ Christmas Market is guaranteed to bring some Christmas cheer to the most crosspatch Scrooges amongst us!

Want to know more? Join Gill in the gallery and book your trip for next Christmas!

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