Bonjour Quebec! Et les Couleurs Magnifique d’Automne!

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How lucky I was to be amongst the beautiful Fall Colours in Quebec in October! At this time of year Quebec is a heady concoction of colours and fragrances ~ the forests are alive ….. reds, yellows and oranges. Did you know? The sugar content in the Maple Tree’s sap is what causes the dark red colour of the leaves?


Even the city of Montreal was a pleasure to explore with its beautiful older architecture blending in with the new modern buildings, the stylish shops and cosmopolitan restaurants. Montreal is surrounded by the mighty St Lawrence River and the view from the opposing bank with the beautiful autumn colours spread out in the bright October sunshine was stunning.  There are many reminders of the 1976 Olympics and the 1967 World Fair to visit and we included the Botanical Gardens next to the Olympic Ski Slope as well. We were treated to the “Magic of the Lanterns” in the Chinese Gardens, a dazzling spectacular display of lights that celebrate the start of autumn in Quebec.

Montreal’s underground city is expansive with its own metro system, pedestrian network and many shopping malls, which means in the cold snowy winter months you don’t have to brave the elements.

Montreal also has a string of sophisticated and plush hotels and my tour included a visit to quite a few ~ finishing with evening cocktails at the Delta Centre Ville’s roof top revolving restaurant!

Not far away is Tremblant. No snow as yet but the summer activities were in full swing! There’s something about the stimulating colours all around that make outdoor activities so much more fun!

The chair lift to the summits left me breathless at the panoramic views ~ all over the region of Quebec are many, many beautiful hotels, lakes and forests ….. opportunities abound for ATV driving, zip lining, canoeing and all sorts of water sports! I went on a trail with a local woodsman, Gaspard. In the spring this is an ideal place to look for bears in the woods and otters in the lakes!

My journey through Quebec came to its end in its most famous gem, Old Quebec! Old Quebec is a walled city, and has a history of battles between France and England ~ which finally kept its French origins and language under a British flag. Visit Parc de la Chute-Montmorency with its cable car and breathtaking waterfalls. Have afternoon tea at Le Chateau Frontenac, dominating the view over the St Lawrence River, one of the largest in the world.

The route to the airport took me through the orchards of Southern Quebec and the autumn harvest was at its best! “Pick-Your-Own” is great fun, and sampling some delicious local ciders and wines. I tried everything, including cheeses, pates and bread, it was the best meal of the trip for me!

Quebec was a refreshing, and surprising insight of Canada to me ~ often overshadowed by its other icons ~ Niagara Falls and The Rocky Mountains ~ but wherever I went in Quebec, I was welcomed with old-fashioned heartiness and hospitality ….. the magic of the colours were just the icing on the cake!


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